Tips for Finding the Excellent Cannabis Packaging


Whether or not your cannabis business is a start-up in its infancy, or established with a loyal customer following, the product packaging you use is essential to building and sustaining your brand. The packaging is the primary thing a possible buyer sees, and it creates that critical first impression. While the first function is to include, protect, and market your products, your packaging is a mirrored image of your organization to the customer. In lots of ways, the package is the product. Partnering with a quality plastic packaging manufacturer to your cannabis products will enhance your success.

Bottles made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), low density polyethylene (LDPE), polypropylene (PP), and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) have develop into widely-accepted packaging options within the cannabis industry. There are numerous plastic bottle producers, however how do you discover the best one? In short, seek a producer who makes quality products which are unlikely to present downstream problems to your firm, provides companies and options that align with things you’re feeling are essential, and wants to build an extended-time period relationship with you so each of your businesses grow quicker through strategic partnership.

Bottles That Visually Help Your Model
It’s essential to partner with a manufacturer who understands the importance of defect-free plastic bottles. Does everything about your packaging convey a sense of trust in your clients? Defects in plastic bottles typically happen through the manufacturing process.

For instance, extreme side taper on the bottles can result in uneven, wrinkled labels which are hard to read and make your product look unprofessional. If flashing on the bottle bottom will not be removed, it creates a poor printing surface and ends in a poor brand impression.

Partnering with a manufacturer who understands that plastic bottle defects diminish brand presence and who frequently strives to remove defect-producing problems out of their manufacturing process is of utmost importance. This avoids many downstream quality problems and helps to keep the concentrate on growth and off of damage control.

Bottles That Minimize Risk and Waste
Product recalls or safety issues can be a results of cloudy bottles or materials trapped in the resin that makes the plastic packaging look soiled or contaminated. These situations can erode consumer confidence in your model or expose the shopper to risk.

Worse yet is when your product reaches the purpose of sale and the problems are recognized at the dispensary or by a consumer. For instance, over time, an improper seal between the plastic bottle and cap can cause flower to be excessively dry. In turn, when this flower is distributed to the consumer it can lead to overfilling to make up for weight loss. And some consumers just don’t like their flower to be too dry, resulting in misplaced sales. Does the faulty product get shipped back or trashed on the point of sale location? In either case, this ends in the dilemma of wasted product that may’t be used and further prices that eat into your profitability.

Closures That Work With The Bottle
The closures for the bottles are additionally an vital a part of your cannabis packaging. Can your packaging partner manufacture and provide plastic closures that assure complete functionality to protect your product? Closures produced by the same manufacturer as the bottles ensures that the closure and bottle perform accurately together. A one-cease-shop approach will save you time and money.

The cannabis trade is rising quickly and faces many advanced regulatory challenges, including rules for child-resistant packaging. Many states have their own unique cannabis packaging requirements which should be strictly adhered to. Are their bottle and closure pairings compliant with present rules and those that are under legislation for the future?

Customization for Your Model
Can the cannabis packaging manufacturer customize their products to your actual design and specifications? Your product is unique, and your packaging ought to replicate that. Make certain your model stands out with the exact image you need to project. There ought to be “depth” in your supplier: can they do more than just sell you packaging that already exists?

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