Inspire and give hope to those who have none


The Now or Never African Wildlife Trust has one mission – Save them All. We endeavor to save all the elephants, rhinos and their calves who survive a poaching attack. We get them with helicopters, care about them in orphanages and release them where they belong to – into the wild. We strive to save them all. We will save them all.

The founders of The Now or Never African Wildlife trust believe it is absolutely possible to save every single one of these animals with a plan, an iron will, expertise and crucially with the funds required.

Now or Never African Wildlife Trust is the official beneficiary of Tariku Bogale’s film BLOODLINE: NOW OR NEVER.

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Rescue & Care

When the call comes on the emergency line those responsible for rescuing orphaned animals know the next 24 hours is crucial. If an animal can be found within that crucial time window the chances of survival are much greater. The threats in the first couple of days are huge.


It is difficult to know how hard it is to save a baby rhino. The world’s first specialist rhino orphanage was only opened in 2012. Orphanages are at the forefront of the battle to help save the species. They give rhino orphans, who lost their mother due to poaching, a second chance to survive.


We ultimately need to provide a place of safety rhino when they are released from the love and care of the orphanages. Now or Never African Wildlife Trust aims to create a minimum of ten strongholds. These will be areas large enough to sustain large populations of rhino …

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