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WELCOME to the official website of Tariku Bogale: film producer, actor, philanthropist, entrepreneur, advisor, and author of the upcoming memoir Unstoppable.

THE GREATEST SUCCESS STORIES can spring from the humblest of beginnings. Such is the case with Tariku Bogale, successful international “serial entrepreneur” and visionary thinker. From his early days raised in poverty to his dealings in high-powered circles of the elite, Unstoppable tells Bogale’s story of success, struggle, and determination. Sprinkled with a dash of international intrigue and highstakes risk, Unstoppable details Bogale’s journey through South Africa to Switzerland, New York, Hollywood, and beyond.

DRIVEN by the search for innovative and fresh ideas, and unceasing in his drive to achieve the unthinkable, Bogale experiences the worlds of politics, prison, business, real estate, entrepreneurship, and more. Unstoppable is merely the first part of Tariku Bogale’s amazing and captivating story.

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Unstoppable – A high-speed, energetic tale of a sometimes-bumpy ride from rags to riches.

Kirkus Reviews

WE DON’T USUALLY KNOW WHAT WE ARE BORN TO DO. We certainly also don’t know what kinds of obstacles we will face, or what forms they will take. When we understand how the world has been connected through history—through the movement of people, goods, languages, music, movies, and many other things—we see our world more clearly as a shared planet and a home for everyone.

There is very little in life more important than acting quickly and with great decisiveness. Many people all over the world have dreams—big dreams or small dreams. To get there, we have to take risks. People who have studied business or been in the business world, like me, know that in business, one often discusses risk versus reward.


Special-forces Captain and anti-poaching crusader, Gabriel (Tariku Bogale), goes on the rampage to take vengeance for the murder of his partner in conservation and the wholesale slaughter of endangered wildlife. Tariku Bogale, (Gabriel) shows off his action skills as he defends and protects human and animal lives, while violently taking the law into his own hands.


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